Design Ideas (Voting Process)

After your product idea has been live for voting for a minimum of 30 days, we have another meeting where we determine whether it was enough support to be prototyped for crowdfunding. There’s no one factor that determines that; instead, we take into account a variety of information, including the total number of votes and comments, the average votes per day, and how many page visitors voted on the product. We also consult with our production department to see if your idea is feasible for us to make.

How many votes do I need?

So we haven't gotten that number down to a science, because there are so many factors. When we see that a product has collected a lot of votes in the first month, we present it at one of our crowdfunding meetings as a possible product to crowdfund. This decision depends on a number of factors, including:


- how much attention is the product getting? (votes, shares, comments)

- how difficult will it be to develop a prototype? (resources, materials, cost, time, etc)

- is the product seasonal and does it make sense to work on it now or later in the year?

- Is there a need for this type of product in our collection at this time?


If it gets the green light, we'll work on developing a prototype and start taking the steps to put it into crowdfunding. The more votes your product collected in the first round, the more email addresses we will have to promote your product to in the 2nd (crowdfunding) round. So every vote is one step closer to success!

What happens after voting?

If we greenlight your submission for “crowdfunding” then you’ll receive a contract and be introduced to our design team. You’ll have a designer assigned to your product, and you’ll work with that person to turn your idea into a prototype, working together to choose fabrics, silhouettes, trims, and all the other details.

Once we have a final prototype, we’ll talk with you about how you see your product being shown on the site, and we’ll do a full photoshoot with your suggestions in mind. And if the timing works out, we’ll send you the prototype so you can see it in the flesh, as well as take a picture of yourself with it so we can add it to the final photo gallery.

What's next?

The Crowdfunding Process

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