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While we’re rooting for you, and helping as well, we expect you to be your design’s best cheerleader and advocate - the more effort you put into promoting your product and encouraging people to fund it, the more likely your project will be to succeed.

The first 48 hours of a crowdfunding campaign are the most critical, so it’s important to get your friends and family prepared to buy right when it launches. We suggest you create a list of 25 people you think would want to support your product; as soon as you know when your product is going to launch we recommend you let those folks know that your product will be available. By priming them, you’ll have them prepared to purchase, and they’ll know how important it is to you and be more likely to support it.
Don’t be afraid of telling the world about your new creation, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, email, skywriting, etc. That said, we’ve found email to be by far the best method to get the word out, followed by Facebook.

Nearly every successfully funded product has gotten to at least 50% of its goal within the first 72 hours it’s been live. So do all you can to drum up support early.


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