An item I am trying to return is missing or not listed on the return form

If an item is missing during the return process, chances are it was a separated shipment or exchange. For separated shipments or exchange orders, the order ID contains a two letter suffix at the end of the order number. This suffix must be included when typing your order ID into the return system to return those items.

How to return separated and exchanged orders

Step 1: Locate the full order number on your package invoice.  This can be found in the top right corner of your invoice sheet included inside your package. It is a 9-digit number '100xxxxxx'. If it is followed by -SE, -EX, or -RE, include this too.

Step 2: Visit our returns page and type your order ID into the following box, along with your email address that you used to place the order:

Please note this is an image and not a working form.

Step 3: Select the items you wish to return or exchange. Only the items that were part of the exchanged or separated order should be available to select. Once finished selecting your items and the method of reimbursement, hit 'Create Label' to create your free, pre-paid return label.


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